A Natural Wine Supper

Natural wine has been around for years but has just recently become a common dinner conversation for the wine and sustainability enthusiasts among us. So what is natural wine other than the new "it" topic of 2018? We partnered with Frankie owners Rebecca and Rowen to find out.

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Amber BreitenbergFrankie
Mediterranean Spice Dinner

For this Makers Meals we drew inspiration from Mediterranean flavors and techniques for a Six Course Dinner with Chef Lauren Sanders of Sospeso. Each course was an ode to the sun-drenched countries and seas of Southern Europe, the Eastern Mediterranean, and North Africa and featured cocktail and wine pairings by Don Ciccio & Figli and The Balkan Wine Project.

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Amber BreitenbergSospeso
Autumn Workshop + Lunch

A spin-off from our traditional Makers Meals, for this workshop + lunch we offered a little taste of Sperryville, Virginia's small town charm by first visiting Wild Roots Apothecary, whose owner Colleen O’Bryant guided us in foraging medicinal plants and led a workshop to mix up our own fire cider and elderberry syrup to support health and immunity throughout the Winter months.

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A Winter Supper

For this edition of Makers Meals, we enjoyed a Four Course Dinner covering the four categories of local food - From the Sea, from the Land, from the Animal and from the Trees - pairing each course with our drink of choice.

The meal was served family style to invite guests to engage with each other and enjoy the experience as a community while taking time to enjoy the details of the food we eat as a celebration of all of the work that was put into bringing it to our table.

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